Multiple loudspeakers

In collaboration with Architettura Sonora and Catellani & Smith

Bergamo, Italy, September 2015; Frankfurt, Germany, March 2016


Bird sounds and insects invading urban ambients, recreating the natural environment in the heart of the city. Fields in the songs of birds, buzzing of insects, the wind whistles and other sounds of nature are intertwined in a game of reflections between reality and virtuality, direct recording and transposition mediated by technological means. The sounds dialogue with historical spaces of the city, changing the known references, dematerialize them, transporting the audience into a surreal world where the boundaries between urban and natural environment make it unstable.

A meditation on our time and the relationship between city and nature that can, in the tension between the real and digital, is also a tribute to two great contemporary French composers - Olivier Messiaen the "musical ornithologist", and Jean Claude Risset, computer music pioneer, who through electronic music recreates natural environments, as in the work SUD.

The sounds of nature come together polyphonic choirs, halfway between voices and sounds granules, broken down by electronic processes, a reference to Renaissance polyphonic singing.



Sample score - Download

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