Video and stereo loudspeakers

Triennale di Milano, July 2016 


Izaac & Deborah is the first of a series based on Avital’s Fuga Perpetua, an icon-sonic installation that merges into a single multimedia framework two different languages: powerful portraits and vibrant sounds that give life to an intense sensory and evocative experience.



The faces of the two protagonists are those of Izaac and Deborah, Nigerian refugees which tell their story through a ‘silent interview’ in which they are asked to relive moments of their lives, significant events or place and describe them without using words, but internally, following a questionnaire specifically created. This process creates a bridge for Izaac and Deborah to their roots, to their home, to the physical space both as a point of arrival and departure, and share with the spectator a very intimate and privet layer of their story.

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From a sonic point of view, the composition consists of obstinate synthetic sounds in a 'perpetual' development, chasing each other to find a melody, bringing a constant intensity, that is not resolved until the end of the sequence, weaved into sounds and voices recorded in the refugee camps by UNHCR between Europe and Africa. Icon-sonic Postcards from Fuga Prepetua N.1 leads to a simple, powerful and immediate experience, bringing the audience to an intense and immersive environment where each has a rare opportunity to meet the most private layers of refugees.

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