24 March

About Birds

Icon-sonic opera

About Birds is a multimedia project by Yuval Avital born in 2020 during the lock down. On that occasion the artist began the production of a new opus entitled About birds consisting of a score for a string quartet and a series of paintings made with watercolor on paper in small format.  The initial visual project grew through a five-day 'artistic isolation' in the Modena Apennines to a performance with musicians the Meitar Ensemble filmed, recorded and photographed to create the multimedia section of the work.

Sound Art, Video Art, Performance, Score, Theatrical staging, Site-specific installations


Icon-sonic opera | Pavarotti-Freni Opera House, Modena | Italy


24 February - 23 April

Lessico Animale. Mysterion.

Choral monography by Yuval Avital

Lessico Animale. Mysterion. is the title of Yuval Avital's exhibition, curated by Cristiano Leone and with the scientific curatorship of director Mirella Serlorenzi, which will take place entirely in the undergrounds of the Terme di Caracalla and, in accordance with the multi-medial nature of the artist, it will include numerous artistic practices in dialogue with the archaeological monument.

Performance, Photo, Video, Material compositions, Site-speific installations


Choral monography | Terme di Caracalla, Roma | Italy


24 March - 4 June

About Birds

Monographic Exhibition by Yuval Avital

In the exhibition watercolors, acrylics, ink and tempera works depicting birds will be included, prompted by an overwhelming and visceral need, as is typical of Avital's modus operandi

Sound Art, Video Art, Dance, Performance, Paintings, Sculpture, Score, Theatrical staging, Site-specific installations


Monographic Exhibition | FMAV, Modena | Italy