• Who Wants to Play the Biggest Sound Sculpture in Italy?

      3 Jun 17
      Who Wants to Play the Biggest Sound Sculpture in Italy?

      Still glowing from the incredible experience of the Requiem Monumentale Part 1... A spectacular marching brass band that pumped life into the veins of the Monumental Cemetery of Milan; a transfixing choir that filled with pathos the solemn Famedio; an incredible staff; 1,500 spectators, and good weather: I couldn't have asked for more.

      Now I'm getting ready for a new challenge: playing the biggest sound sculpture in Italy!! Starting from a steel fence of 357 tubes (for a total of 1km of steel!) realized by designer Dario Milana, on 21 June I'll transform this unique architectural object into a massive and collective percussion instrument. Handles, strings, weights and lots of enthusiasm: these are my ingredients to play Open Fence.

      Want to try it? We are currently recruiting people for the Crowd Music Ensemble and we're looking for people who want to be part of the inauguration of a huge sound sculpture. The event will be on 21 June—come celebrate with me the solstice of summer at the East End Studios of Milan. It will be EPIC! 

    • new management in Italy

      3 Apr 17
      New management in Italy

      Very happy to announce my new manager for Italy - Mauro Diazzi of Just in Time (very happy of his ninja collaborator Silvia Marasti). Honored to be in a roster besides Meredith Monk, Brian Eno, La Fura dels Baus, UTE LEMPER and many other artists which had been my inspiration for many years!



    • Working on a volcano n.1

      13 Feb 17
      Working on a volcano n.1

      Commissioned by Cusumano Masterpieces with the endorsement of INGV and the Etna Park, this work is a real life-changing experience, giving me a rare privilege to create an intimate dialogue with such an amazing land. 

    • Three grades of foreignness in on the go!

      4 Nov 16
      Three grades of foreignness in on the go!

      It had came to an end three amazing weeks of intense shooting and recordings  in preparation of my largest monographic exhibition ever "Three grades of foreignness" - 2600 square meters of beautiful ex-industrial spaces that will host from April 22 2017 three large scale installations and other sonic/visual artworks in the Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato in Blenio Valley in Switzerland!!! three amazing weeks of recording and filming work in the middle of the most stunning imaginable nature. 

      The shoot involved seven dancers from different cultural and artistic realities, and took place under the expert guidance of Philip Genucchi and Marco Bassi, in more than thirty locations selected in the valley. The result has been reflected in more than seven hours of footage and hundreds of photographs, which will be part of one of the three installations proposed during the exhibition.

      in Huge thanks to the participating artists: the dancers soloists - Sandra Klimek, Ornella Balestra, Ballone Stefania, Marta Mazzoleni, Anita Lorusso, SL Chiesa & Laûren Okadigbo, to the production team Filippo Genucchi & Marco Bassi, to the assistants Maria Pia Hartpence-Casella & Leticia Beltré, to the vice president of the Fabbrica,Giovanni Casella Piazza for a wonderful hospitality and to the curator of the exhibition and the artistic director of the Fabbrica Franco Marinotti for his trust, inspiration and guidance.

      See you all in April 2017!

    • Coming Soon

      24 Aug 16
      Coming Soon

      Coming soon (end of November 2016) -  details soon.


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