Written by Alessio Vincenzi

"A multi-disciplinary, collective work, choreographed by the enormous vision of Yuval Avital, involving an extraordinary number of performers, actors, dancers, musicians and singers, resulting in a collective celebration of life, in a syncretic and mythical vision, sublimated through the lens of dream."



Written by Giulia Bassi

"Unique and unrepeatable."





Written by Elsa Barbieri

"An opportunity to experience a real hive of creativity, but also an opportunity for a journeythat explores - and explodes - the connections between the human and animal worlds, leading thepublic to the discovery of the possibilities and limits of humanity."





Written  by Federico Abate

"The result is a synaesthetic fresco, branching out into all languages of art: painting, sculpture, photography, video, dance, performance and music are seamlessly interwoven, producing totalizing experiences, connected to each other in an allegorical narrative that draws on the archetypes of life and the inseparable bond between man and animal."





"The result is a fantastic exploration of the foundational theme of the relationship between human and animal, theme that have characterized the entire project and creative development of the Il Bestiario della Terra. The Mostrario is in fact the final chapter in the impressive meta-work that Avital has created over the months, which, in a crescendo of exhibitions and appointments, has composed a huge allegorical picture that here finds its peak."


"Each Mostrario is different from the others; it is an experience unto itself and a subjective journey, in which everyone experiences in his or her own way the deep and specific relationship between Avital’s art and the spaces that host it."

Written by Mariacristina Maggi

"It is an emotional, sensorial journey [...] a sequence of emotions, pathos, curiosity, thoughts, feelings, anger and sweetness [...] a true workshop of the arts."

"An ongoing fantastic exploration of the fundamental themes of the relationship between human beings and animals."








Written by Marco Carminati

"Each of his artworks reveals a precise identity, becoming an experiential, poetic and emotional microcosm, the result of meticulous research through which the artist creates contemporary rituals."



"It is possible to experience a real hive of creativity, with actors, dancers, singers, musicians and puppeteers working together to give life to a strong, courageous, revolutionary poetic act."


Written by Cristiana Gattoni

“To understand what Yuval Avital's Mostrario really is, you would have to enter it, touch it with your hand, smell its complexity, walk through its rooms and immerse yourself into it with yourbody and your head.


Written by Livia Savorelli

“It is almost impossible to define Yuval Avital through a single medium of expression. Painter, composer, sculptor... The fluid transition between different languages is a known fact to inspire questions and reflections.”



Written by Alessandra Quattordio

“His eloquence is extraordianary, matching the flow of his unique vision, and to commit to his words is to take a journey through human inner nature and his very personal perception of the world.”

Written by Lucia De Ioanna

“Shattering the crust of forms, breaking the false stability of boundaries that would like to separate the human from the beast, allowing the traces of a destiny of fragility that unites us with other living beings to emerge on the map of the body and the cartography of the face: Enacted by Yuval Avital, multimedia artist, composer and musician, creator of visual-sound installations and collective performances capable of shaking the stability of the traditional categories that separate the arts by posing questions that are never ephemeral or vague, Lessico animale stands as a vertiginous and risky exploration of the relationship between man and animality.”

Written by Giulia Bassi

“Reggio Emilia Yuval Avital's Il Bestiario della Terra, the Reggio Parma Festival's project of the year 2022, continues its journey with the opening of "Lessico animale. Prologo", on show until 18 September at the Ape Parma Museo. "Lessico Animale" is a complex exploration of the relationship between man and animality, an art rite in which the artist intends to unveil the authentic essence of the human being, taking him back to his instinctive and animalistic origins, overcoming the taboos and cultural superstructures that keep him away from them. An invitation to free oneself from the domination of tomorrow, to live fully in the present moment, to accept and even embrace one's own visceral vulnerability.”

Written by Erick Ceresini

“In its pathways, one finds oneself with dancers, contemporary music ensembles, masters of ancient cultures and traditions, individuals or communities recruited in participatory works, multi-projection videos, meditative and high-tech tactile environments, archive materials, collaborations with scientific institutes, sound sculptures, photographs, paintings and prints.”

Written by Stefania Provinciali

“A great master told me more than 20 years ago "the problem with being an artist is that we are so focused on the urgent things that we forget the important ones" but I think this applies to all of humanity.>> Thus began Yuval Avital, born in Jerusalem in 1977 and resident in Milan, an internationally renowned multimedia artist, composer, known for his sound and visual installations and collective performances. An emblematic sentence that already renders the artist's personality.”