"…Breaking cultural and political barriers through the universal language of art…"


Yuval Avital - Mohsen Mohammadi

"...KOLOT…was defined by its composer as an "icon-sonic opera", and this term had immediately stroke my curiosity when hearing about it for the first time... Kolot is not only an opera that can be defined as art, but also a complete cultural event.

Avital's virtuosity on the guitar never overshadows the voices, and the extraordinary orchestration and technical coordination gives the viewer the possibility to enter and live for an hour inside the opera itself. The moments of high complexity in which the voices created by the overlap of simultaneous songs in different languages, creates a very good musical and visual impact. The composer's wish of provoking a reflection about the beauty and richness that resides in diversity is fulfilled…"


Yuval Avital - Kolot

"...Entering the small rehearsal room in the Israeli Opera building a few weeks ago felt like a return to the primordial, formless void of the Book of Genesis.... sounds of Yemenite songs ....drumming on a large olive tin ...blowing a shofar. ... Ashkenazi prayer .... Negev Bedouin singing and using a mortar-and-pestle coffee grinder as a percussion instrument....Ladino Romance ... Armenian community... Palestinian singer ....members of the Karaite community adding their hymns, prayers and murmurings to this impossible landscape of sound, while .... typical Bukharan songs of lamentation waft in the air.
This musical whirlwind rose and twisted, changed color, texture and volume until it subsided into a dialogue accompanied by whistles from Ethiopian keys (religious leaders)…. A few days later in Jaffa, with the addition of other members of the ensemble - players of various instruments, a narrator, and video and electronic-music artists - it emerged that this is a musical composition, an opera with a score, and that the performers were working hard to prepare for its premiere later in the month at the Cavallerizza Theater in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and subsequent performances in Milan and Parma. This was the sound of "Kolot" ("Voices"), by composer-guitarist Yuval Avital, a native of Jerusalem, who is also the conductor....”

Yuval Avital - Kolot

«(...) Behind there is a crooked house, with windows on whose sills the excellent composer, Yuval Avital on the guitar and his sound technician, Matteo Salvemini on the computer are sitting. The double Israeli-Italian friendship of music and choreography persuades thanks to the reassuring beauty, which needs nothing but to stay quiet.»