“Though an advertisement in the local newspaper and open calls, Avital involved more than 350 people: Jew’s harp players, women transformed to Venuses, butchers, dancers, poets, farmers, musicians, to realize a vast polyptych of four parallel projections that suck the visitor/traveler into the atmosphere - mystic and carnal - of Etna”.

“The breath of the Mountain. For those born and raised in close contact with Etna, its discreet but present breath is something present in everyday life, tangible, familiar. For the rest of the world it is a volcano. But for its children its ‘a Muntagna’ - a female, a mother, a woman, an energy. Pure. Throbbing. Vibrant. From these vibrations, from her breath, music is born. An «Harmonic tremor» which the artist / musician Yuval Avital had captured, than giving it the widest form of freedom: sharing it with others”.

“Variations on Harmonic tremor is a journey both individual as choral, where Yuval Avital crosses between music, words, images, dances, daily life to tell of his experience with the volcano. A collective journey since the ‘harmonic tremor’ is above all human: in an almost one-year of work the artist had involved more than 300 people between the towns and villages of Etna, including artists, farmers, dancers, musicians, entire families, elders, teenagers, women transformed with a strong presence into ‘Venuses’ (…) it is a contemporary artwork recreating an emotive oneiric journey, almost mystical inside the magma of the images of our volcano, in which it is also beautiful to disappear, to let it pull you inside it, in the middle of dark woods in the night while they are washed by a cascade of numerical matrix”.

"Avital's Fuga Perpetua is Ethical art (...)The show layers powerful music with filmed refugees and forces the audience to get in contact for an hour, with the face of human suffering in our enlightened century.Among the dozens of works performed this time at the Festival of Israeli Music, "Fuga Perpetua"  by  composer and video artist Yuval Avital, a 40-year-old Israeli living in Milan, was presented as a particularly intriguing show. Bottom Line: Expectations have come true." 

"Taking inspiration from the futurist concerts, [Open Fence] inaugurates the biggest sound sculpture ever realized in Italy, opera by the artist Yuval Avital, in which the public will be able to play next to professional musicians." 

"I remember when I was a nasty kid stomping sticks on neighbors fences. I was nasty and noisy but the multimedia artist and composer Yuval Avital (I bet he did what I did when he was a child) transformed a noisy game into a poetic sound sculpture: Open Fence." Barbara Musso

"1km of iron, 12 tons of weight, 64 metres of length, 4 metres of height, over 320 tubular bells, 900 meters of stainless steel strings: the new artistic adventure of Yuval Avital bears the name of Open Fence, one of the biggest sound sculptures ever realized in Italy." 

"Through a multidisciplinary approach that wisely merges sound and image, matter and technology, the Israeli artist gives birth to a triad of artworks that outlines a path where Man, from a context of alienation and struggle, manages to earn back his affinity with nature." Alessia Brughera

“He has us accustomed to huge and daring projects … Yuval Avital, young and volcanic composer … gives us a new creation aligned with his anti conventional spirit, drawn to bonds with places and situations able to overcome the distance between spectators and art.” Simona Spaventa

“The works represent the human being as a stranger, in conflict and in communion with the surrounding environment, and move through three phases that characterize the relationship between man and nature: alienation, conflict and reunion.”

“... Avital approaches with extreme lucidity and timeliness the curatorial theme of foreignness, exposing the ways in which man and nature diverge, collide and reconnect continuously, making the former alien to the latter, only to then bring it back to its primordial nature. The exhibition’s path runs through a mosaic of sounds, images and lights where the public moves to the discovery of three interconnected installations representing three different stages of the man-nature relationship: alienation, conflict and reunion..” ArtsLife magazine, April 2017

“Requiem Monumentale is a musical opera that … leads spectators through an extraordinary emotional journey, exploring tropes that are opposite yet complementary such as life and death, the ephemeral and the eternal, past and present.”

«“The artist Yuval Avital creating an insightful opera with sound of nature and the habitants of the vulcano.»


«Whispers and shouts in the belly of the world: Reka Re by Yuval Avital rocked the Teatro Valli»


«You really can’t choose where to lay eyes - to the crowd in which each is illuminated by cute shining lights all around you - or toward the stage as coloured pictorial images keep changing, or toward the soloists sitter on high black chairs or the two percussionists which perform as real tightrope walkers (...)»


«The voice of each of us is like a fingerprint: says who we are, what is our history and what we’re made. At the same time, it would seem that the Mass disperses the sound characteristics of the individual, giving more value to quantity than quality. To not you agree with that is Yuval Avital, the Israeli musician and composer who for years pursuing a project, to bring forth the beauty, the visionary poetry that the Crowd, perhaps without knowing it, preserves.»


“In this interview we try to tell you about how Yuval Avital sees the world , one of the most exciting and prolific composers of recent years. Among his compositions are total works of art, which blend multiple languages and bring with them the sign of our time.”


"His name is the name of the father of all musicians in the Bible (Genesis, 21), but it also means "stream that comes from the river," creating a path that deviates from the stream. So Yuval Avital, already well known as a composer and classical guitar soloist, in recent years embraces a world of visual art and sound installations, collective performances that involve a huge number of people in the creation of contemporary rituals, ‘icon-sonic’ works with a very strong multimedia frameworks emotional impact; challenging traditional crystallized categories separating the arts(…) The near future, in addition to concerts of great importance, sees him at work for a number of new visual and sound installations, in Italy and Switzerland. The difficulty to frame it in a single definition, in its flow perpetuity as the waters of a stream, reflects its world in full; a world which anticipates worlds."