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Giornale delle Fondazioni, “La Parola agli artisti” column, Stefania Crobe, June 2016 Italy. 6 pages interview

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"His name is the name of the father of all musicians in the Bible (Genesis, 21), but it also means "stream that comes from the river," creating a path that deviates from the stream. So Yuval Avital, already well known as a composer and classical guitar soloist, in recent years embraces a world of visual art and sound installations, collective performances that involve a huge number of people in the creation of contemporary rituals, ‘icon-sonic’ works with a very strong multimedia frameworks emotional impact; challenging traditional crystallized categories separating the arts(…) The near future, in addition to concerts of great importance, sees him at work for a number of new visual and sound installations, in Italy and Switzerland. The difficulty to frame it in a single definition, in its flow perpetuity as the waters of a stream, reflects its world in full; a world which anticipates worlds."


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