Sound Art, Site-specific installation
Icon-sonic installation

Casa del suono, Parma June 10 – October 9 2022


Il Bestiario della Terra, Reggio Parma Festival 2022

As the starting point of the macro-opera Bestiary of the Earth, Yuval Avital has created the original icon-sonic installation Il Canto dello Zooforo for Casa del Suono in Parma. The composition is strongly inspired by the bas-reliefs of Benedetto Antelami's Zooforo carved on the walls of the Baptistery of Parma, whose creatures, real and imaginary, have been transposed by Avital into a graphic score and interpreted, in a mimic action of the voice, by the children of the Ernesto Balducci municipal preschool in Reggio Emilia.

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Their verses echo inside the monumental textile sculpture made from hundreds of meters of hand-dyed fabric created in dialogue with the tailors of Teatro Regio di Parma. it symbolizes a female womb as manifestation of a principle from which every creature, human or animal, comes.
Outside spread another original composition by Yuval Avital, which was inspired by St. Francis' Canticle of the Creatures and performed by the Children's Voice Choir of the Teatro Regio of Parma, in which the Universe, the Sun, the Moon, and the Animals take the floor through electronically reworked sounds.

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The Song of the Zooforo is an immersive and archetypal environment, evocative of a rainbow of suggestions in which the spectator is led through a real journey of rebirth and catharsis to discover the deepest and most authentic self.