Performance, site-specific installation, art film

September 23 2021 - October 31 2021 Ecolint Centre des Arts, Geneva


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In occasion of the 4th edition of Third Paradise for Peace, Social Impact is an Art 2021 Yuval Avital invited the public into a journey through the Sentier didactique in the forest of La Petite Boissière.

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During the show the public was asked to join an art-ritual, the re-enactment of the performance Rivers, becoming at once protagonists and participants.
A new set of materic photographic objects, recalling the photo series Rivers N3, was placed along the march in the forest, creating a link of memory and relation between the two performances with the spectators mirroring the iconographic gestures from the pictures through the use of their bodies and voices.

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In the forest’s path were exhibited three Sonic Grains, wheat-like sound sculptures from Yuval Avital’s large-scale installation The Rattles Garden, in dialogue with Mediterranean Altar n.2.
These objects, made of flexible metal and bells collected from different and remote part of the Mediterranean, operate as grammatical components, forming ever-new dialogues with the environment they are placed in and creating new expressions according to the human and natural interventions that activate the metallic sculptures.

A permanent and participative  sound sculpture that brings with it the tradition of the various countries, the wind of rebirth in the collective responsibility and the strength of all those who want to collaborate and be part of a composition of sounds that come together giving voice to the many nuances of the Mediterranean soul, our sea that bathes and unites three continents.

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The Ecolint Centre des Arts’ foyer hosted the icon/sonic artwork Women in Black in the Snow, an art film created via open call which involved women from the territory of the Etna Volcano in Sicily, as part of the monumental work Variation on Harmonic Tremors created by Yuval Avital in 2017.