Sound Sculpture composed of sonic grains, straw, loudspeakers, lights and ventilators

Genève, Centre des Arts, as part of ART AS SOCIAL IMPACT exhibition, September 20 – October 9, 2019


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Mediterranean Altar n.2 is a Sound Sculptures first exhibited in Genève at Centre des Arts realized in dialogue with another Sound Sculpture of Avital The Rattles Garden: Sonic Grains of Mediterranean, a permanent and participative sound installation that brings with it the tradition of the various countries of Mediterranean area. A garden composed by various wheat-like iron sculptures on which are hanged bells and rattles form all over the Mediterranean countries who replied at an open call and donate a typical or very intimate bell or rattle. Played by the wind, that abolish barriers, and by visitors alike, the sound became a sound of a dream, the dream of  conciliation of all the Mediterranean countries. 


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Mediterranean Altar n.2 was born from this concept; in the Centre des Arts space Avital thought about in indoor artwork, where an immersive environment is made by effects from lights and shadows. Three wheat-like sculptures are placed in a dark room where on the floor there is some straw: sounds from The Rattles Garden is played in the background in a perpetuate dialogue with the sounds of the bells played by ventilators in Genève work. Visitors can walk around, sit or lay down and experience a total work.


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