300x500 cm

Juta, stucco, plaster, loudspeaker, iron, soil  

‘ANGEL’ collective exhibition, Saint Antoine Church, Istanbul, December 17, 2019 – January 30, 2020

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Istanbul’s historical Saint Antoine Church opened its doors for a contemporary art exhibition of grand scale for the first time. Project manager and curator Ayse Pinar Akalin, known for uniting historical locations and contemporary art, brings together young, promising and established artists from Turkey and around the world.

Angels are acknowledged by all three monotheistic religions, but more important the concept maintains its relevance since mythology to new age ideologies. One of the most depicted topics in art history, angel are in this exhibition interpreted and presented through the lens of mythology, metaphysics, psychology and the duality within humanity.

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“For me angels are deep poetic mystical moral vectors which are flowing in our veins, minds and souls; connectors to eternity transparent materia hybrid dreams incarnated in deep vulnerability”
Yuval Avital