Multi video projections, loudspeaker, seven lightboxes, performances, audio, video and paper document-materials.

Opening on 1.12.2018, Macro Asilo, Rome.

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Postcards from Rome is the second project of Avital’s series Icon-Sonic Postcards, in which the artist collects voices and faces of the inhabitants of a specific territory, and then re-composes them into an icon-sonic polyptych. The first edition was created in 2017 in Reggio Emilia, Italy (Festival Aperto 2017, curator Roberto Fabbi) involving over 170 participants (read more of the first edition - link).

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If a city and its history could be conceived as an unstoppable river of blurred voices, events and bodies, Icon-Sonic Postcards scores these ‘water-drops’ into a total-opera, through a poetic investigation concerning the representation of landscapes and urban centers, while articulating the vocal and aesthetic singularities of each individual of which the city’s image is composed.

The artwork is conceived as a process of collection, involvement, stimulation, co-creation and composition, using a stratification of different languages in which the role of the audience and its living space is fundamental component of the emergence of a territorial chorality. The voice, with its unique sonority and expression, has always been central filed of Yuval’s works. As the fingerprint, the voice represents the distinctiveness of a person, in his own complementary with the physical presence. In Icon-Sonic Postcards, these unique and heterogeneous voices merge into a huge “meta-choir” that will recreate a sonic image of Rome.

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The first step of Icon-Sonic Postcards n.2 will be presented in Rome’s Museum of Contemporary art (MACRO ASILO) between December 1-7, 2018. In MACRO, a dedicated hall will share to all materials of the ongoing project, including maps, photos, artist’s notes and notes of the local équipe of the project (composed of local curators and art-operators), 7 visual-scores presented via light-boxes and a shooting-set. In addition, every day will hold 2 live performances - first filmed and recorded in the Postcards’s ‘Project-Room’ and then performed in all spaces of the museum.