Mural painting realised by Simone Ferrarini for the Reggio Parma Festival 2022.

9x80m on the walls of Azienda Speciale Farmacie Comunali Riunite, Reggio Emilia.

Reggio Parma Festival 2022, Reggio Emilia and Parma, Italy, 19 Luglio 2022 - Permanent installation


The leitmotif of the bestiary is taken up by the Exquiste courpse drawn by Avital, a practice which is part of the Surrealist automatism and random association of elements. The term “Cadavre Exquis” was coined in France after the First World War, in the context of surrealist salons. It originated as a game, later acquired by Surrealist practice as a tool capable of being a method of research, to stimulate each other.

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Conceptually, but not operationally, the Cadavre exquis are inspired by this practice as they are hybrid features, first exibit in Anatomie squisite (9 june - 24 july 2022, Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia) thanks to the collaboration with entities in the territory such as La Polveriera, Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi, Soc. Carnevale di Castelnuovo di Sotto. Each Cadavre exquis has therefore been realized in a participatory manner through the use of mixed techniques and materials. The work will not only be its final product, but also the participatory acts of research and creation surrounding it. Simone Ferrarini, therefore, fits into this process by executing the mural on Yuval Avital's drawings.


Pictures courtesy of Andrea Mazzoni and Fiammetta Pisani

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