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Nicola Scaldaferri, Amadeus Magazine, March 2016 Italy

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“...Despite its aura of reality - and the consequent risks for the perception of such a work - Fuga Perpetua is a masterful proof of artistic creation. An uninterrupted 80 minutes dense sonic score, performed impeccably by musicians of the Meitar Ensemble, is a counterpoint to an elaborate and engaging multimedia part in which the starting material (which also includes video contributions by Andrea Trivero and the UNHCR multimedia archive) is reprocessed in an intense and evocative poetic journey, but above all very respectful of the human figure.

Fuga Perpetua is certainly one of the most ambitious and complex creative challenges faced so far by the composer, who has combined a remarkable mastery of technical means with a respectful and involving manner, to offer an artistic reflection with an intense and original hand portraying one of the great tragedies of our time...”


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