Monday, 27 February 2017 14:52

Carlotta Sami, Spokeswoman of UNHCR for Southern Europe, personal column in La Repubblica daily, March 2016

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“...Bitterness pervades these days, reaching the lowest point given the difficulty of managing this epochal phenomenon of refugees for Europe, reflected in the iconic image of the mother washing her newborn baby in a puddle at the Greek-Macedonian border. But, as so often in humanity’s darkest moments, art gives us a glimmer of hope. Ai Weiwei is working in Greece and returned yesterday with a piano, a bit of a Syrian teenager’s dignity. In Italy, Yuval Avital, after more than a year of painstaking work has given birth to Fuga Perpetua, a work of great artistic quality and equally important from its human and moral standpoint, a work that might have created discomfort and disturbance for some spectators, but restores dignity to refugees. Not a work ABOUT refugees, but rather a work WITH refugees.

Yuval Avital, the musicians on the stage and refugees overwhelm us in a fuga constantly more precipitous, backed by a spiral of archetypes common to all human beings: the abandonment, the mother, the father, the house, the childhood memory, the return. This opera brings us all to an equal level, requiring of the audience the most essential matter we need today: closeness and empathy (...)If Fuga Perpetua will arrive in your town, go to see the show.”


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