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The Front Row Magazine, March 2016

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"Performed by Ensemble Meitar, in dialogue with multiple projections, a sophisticated surround-sound speaker system and a vocal crowd, Avital tells in a beautifully poetic and touching manner, the troubled lives of refugees.
For the full duration of the performance, the audience has been able to live a multi-sensory experience that shifts the point of view from an “objective” observation to an emotional subjective point of view of the individual, and the everyday issues that accompany a person constantly fleeing.
Avoiding any pre-established conclusions or messages, Avital delivers to the viewer a new point of reflection through the language of art, which here finds its highest expression and in which the audience is completely immersed.
Far from simply aesthetic use, art becomes the means to unite us all. The theatre, in a completely atypical manner compared to its historical tradition, becomes the plot of the actual, showing the stark reality, up to hosting refugee-performers among the audience. In this way, the public becomes part of the artwork itself: in an experience which could not be more authentic.”

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