Monday, 27 February 2017 14:04

Tadeusz Wielecki, Director of Warsaw Autumn Festival in an interview to Gazeta, Poland

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«REKA mean in Hebrew ‘background’. The work deals with roots, cultural background, but also the aesthetic background and its possibility to be recreated with voices. This composition is a commission of the Warsaw Autumn that uses an organic of masters of traditional singing and a vocal crowd of non-musicians. Yuval Avital, its author, Israeli living in Milan, very often goes back to the traditional cultures (…) in REKA there are rare moments of true solos - most of the time the traditions sing together, voices overlap - because this work is not about presentation of ethnic or exotic shows, but - following the score of Avital - a presentation of a meta-culture. The voice is is transformed into an instrument, transforming itself in many different contexts.»


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