Combining images, sounds and matter,  the Icon-Sonic Sculptures embody the multi-sensorial world of Avital with the one of artisanal and technological craftsmanship. This meeting of different artistic dimensions offers immersive experiences under the shape of geometric sculptures. These works combines the visual and sonic art of Avital into a series of unique objects, involving in their creation technological and artisanal excellence.

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Heart of the wood”, Icon-Sonic cylinder n.1 is found in a private collection in Rougemont, Switzerland



The Icon-Sonic Cylinder is the first of the new series of icon-sonic sculptures by Yuval Avital. Realized with prints on aluminum sheets of images taken by the artist, they add to the visual impact of Avital’s artworks sounds of Nature, relying on technology and craftsmanship to bridge between the worlds of image and sound. 

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Metallic cylinder composed of “light-recordings” artworks by Yuval Avital printed both inside and outside (each of approximately 1.5m x 2.3m), with build-in sound installation. Below the cylinder is a circular platform that performs low frequencies. 

Both cylinder and platform are triggered by motion sensors, that make sure that the sound starts exclusively when standing inside the sound sculpture and on the platform.

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Cylinder: direct UV print on aluminum sheet, hand-rubbed lacquer finish, sonic exciters on inner surface (amp + stereo), sensor-triggered.

Platform: wood covered with stainless steel, sonic sub-woofer exciter (amp+stereo), sensor-triggered.

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