Yuval Avital - classic & electric guitar, live electronics

Wisam Gibran - oud, violin



The Israeli composer and guitar player Yuval Avital and the Palestinian composer and oud master Wisam Gibran create in their duo a new creative approach to the sonic world inspired by middle eastern traditions and cultures. The two colleagues play with music as well as with ideas and concepts, exchanging ancient and innovative forms, structures and contents. Together, united by a refined dialogue they arrive to a rare equilibrium of listening supported by intellectual, instinctive and artistic curiosity.



Avital and Gibran are a rare example of musicians known both as versatile soloists and visionary composers. In their career they had been guests of some of the most important cultural venues such as: the New York Carnegie Hall, and the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow (Gibran), Centre Pompidou Paris and the Beijing Central Conservatory (Avital). The encounter between Yuval and Wisam gave birth to a continuous workshop based on research, where creativity unites with tradition.

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It is the pleasure of playing together and the emotion of the discovery that leads them in a poetic journey, where the silence of one seems to mirror itself in the sound of the other in a game of references that creates new music and leads to the discovery of new sonic worlds. Yuval & Wisam present a unique concert experience, fascinating and full of significance, not only due to the mastery of the performers and the aesthetic value of their work but also for its ethic aspect, aiming to dialogue, pure research, cultural innovation and freedom that transcend both the common political and the common musical categories of our time.

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