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Friday, 30 August 2013 02:00

Sofia Kaikov - voice of Bukhara


I first met Sofia and her husband Yatzek when we collaborated on my opera KOLOT in 2008 (for the curious ones, you can check it out on : http://kolot-opera.com/). Bukharian Jews are fantastic. Their food is great, their clothings are great, their stories are great - and Sofia & Yatzek are my favorite Bukharians in the world ! during the years, each time I came to Tel-Aviv I tried to jump for a coffee at Sofia's house. Each time the coffee had transformed to a fantastic dinner. Sofia is a great singer, and a daughter of a great singer.

Monday, 02 June 2014 02:00

REKA - Blog 2

Working with a LAMA
Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche is around my age. He was born in a small village in Tibet and from the age of 8 had entered the Bön Buddhism as a monk. he studied with great masters, and also had been the music Master of 400 priests in a temple. He hold a Doctor in philosophy degree and is teacher of the sacred masks dance of the Bön tradition. Now he is based in Paris and travels all around Europe to teach meditation and philosophy. I meet Lama Smten in the apartment of Judith, his assistant and a new dear friend of mine. In 2 minutes we become friends. He tell me that he will donate his payment for the concerts to his order and that the project has a lot in common with the Bön belief of peace, dialogue and compassion between men beings. It is important for him to explain me his motivation for the project, since some of the things I ask him to do are very sacred and also sometimes secret within the Bön culture.