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Monday, 26 June 2017 15:38

Design-Calendar, 23 June 2017

"I remember when I was a nasty kid stomping sticks on neighbors fences. I was nasty and noisy but the multimedia artist and composer Yuval Avital (I bet he did what I did when he was a child) transformed a noisy game into a poetic sound sculpture: Open Fence." Barbara Musso

Monday, 26 June 2017 15:32

Interni magazine, 19 June 2017, Italy

"1km of iron, 12 tons of weight, 64 metres of length, 4 metres of height, over 320 tubular bells, 900 meters of stainless steel strings: the new artistic adventure of Yuval Avital bears the name of Open Fence, one of the biggest sound sculptures ever realized in Italy." 

Monday, 26 June 2017 15:19

Azione weekly, 19 June 2017, Switzerland

"Through a multidisciplinary approach that wisely merges sound and image, matter and technology, the Israeli artist gives birth to a triad of artworks that outlines a path where Man, from a context of alienation and struggle, manages to earn back his affinity with nature." Alessia Brughera

Sunday, 04 June 2017 00:07

La Repubblica daily, 14 May 2017, Italy

“He has us accustomed to huge and daring projects … Yuval Avital, young and volcanic composer … gives us a new creation aligned with his anti conventional spirit, drawn to bonds with places and situations able to overcome the distance between spectators and art.” Simona Spaventa

Sunday, 04 June 2017 00:02

Il Sole 24 Ore, 21 April 2017, Italy

“The works represent the human being as a stranger, in conflict and in communion with the surrounding environment, and move through three phases that characterize the relationship between man and nature: alienation, conflict and reunion.”

Saturday, 03 June 2017 23:53

ArtsLife, 18 April 2017, Italy

“... Avital approaches with extreme lucidity and timeliness the curatorial theme of foreignness, exposing the ways in which man and nature diverge, collide and reconnect continuously, making the former alien to the latter, only to then bring it back to its primordial nature. The exhibition’s path runs through a mosaic of sounds, images and lights where the public moves to the discovery of three interconnected installations representing three different stages of the man-nature relationship: alienation, conflict and reunion..” ArtsLife magazine, April 2017

Saturday, 03 June 2017 23:39

Tutto Rock, 14 May 2017, Italy

“Requiem Monumentale is a musical opera that … leads spectators through an extraordinary emotional journey, exploring tropes that are opposite yet complementary such as life and death, the ephemeral and the eternal, past and present.”

Saturday, 03 June 2017 22:00

Who Wants to Play the Biggest Sound Sculpture in Italy?

Still glowing from the incredible experience of the Requiem Monumentale Part 1... A spectacular marching brass band that pumped life into the veins of the Monumental Cemetery of Milan; a transfixing choir that filled with pathos the solemn Famedio; an incredible staff; 1,500 spectators, and good weather: I couldn't have asked for more.

Now I'm getting ready for a new challenge: playing the biggest sound sculpture in Italy!! Starting from a steel fence of 357 tubes (for a total of 1km of steel!) realized by designer Dario Milana, on 21 June I'll transform this unique architectural object into a massive and collective percussion instrument. Handles, strings, weights and lots of enthusiasm: these are my ingredients to play Open Fence.

Want to try it? We are currently recruiting people for the Crowd Music Ensemble and we're looking for people who want to be part of the inauguration of a huge sound sculpture. The event will be on 21 June—come celebrate with me the solstice of summer at the East End Studios of Milan. It will be EPIC! 

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