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It has got a lot to do with the sounds of of my hometown, where tens and sometimes hundreds of people sing in various occasions the same prayer, but each one slightly different. The end result is a vibrating intense sonic cloud which grows around you  (in music it is called Heterophony).

Opposite to the western concept of choir, which is build on hierarchy, “clean”
musical performance based on accuracy and on an a priori musical knowledge, the voices of the crowd in REKA should be various and individualistic, becoming through unity an environment, a texture which covers, uncovers and indicates a sonic ambient in which the events are born.



Similar to my first massive sonic work that had involved CROWD MUSIC, Mise en Abîme, also here the score  unites four of the main categories vocal production:
textual music (PROSODIC) - basic sounds (ARCHAIC) - inspiration from popular cultures (TRADITIONAL) - creative and graphic stimulations (EXPERIMENTAL).

In the following photos (photographed by the very talented conductor of REKA’s premiere, Dario Garegnani) I am working with a group of students of Milan University on a video project titled - SHARE YOUR VOICE WITH ART, that will use the CROWD MUSIC techniques within the promo video-clips of REKA. I am certain that  CROWD MUSIC will be an important project in my life for many years to come.

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