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04/09/2013 UTOPIE for percussions, video & tape premiere

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In 1516 Thomas More created the word "utopia" combining two Greek words οὐ "not" and τόπος "place", meaning : "a place that does not exist." An ideal and unattainable non lieu (non-place), that rests outside of the common daily reality.

Utopias is an artistic investigation focused on the reality of the European holiday houses - concrete example of human desire (wealthy humanity) to build their own utopia.

Buildings of private property, often linked to a family's private history or to renowned panoramic spots of great beauty. Temporary habitats In which families and individuals spend their free time looking for calmness , simplicity, intimacy, silence, slowness and nature, in a sharp contrast to their daily routine.

Observing these utopias reveals hidden and contrasting levels of identity both of these ambients as the human experience inside them: on the one hand the holiday houses barriers between the outside reality and the ideal location, on the other, they create a trap that attract to itself everything that you would want to exorcise: loneliness, suspended tension, restlessness.

The summer house in Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer, where my wife and I were guests of our friends Michael and Sara, is the first microcosm object of observation in the series of compositions Utopias, entitled Utopie N.1 - Rayol, for solo percussion, Video & tape.

The composition will be premiered by the young virtuoso Lorenzo Colombothat with his skill and artistic sensibility inspired the choice of using the extensive possibilities of the percussions as a poetic narrator of tones and gestures.

World Premiere : 04/09//2013, G.Verdi Conservatory, Milan at 20:30.

A preview to the work can be seen on youtube.


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