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12/07/2012 Yuval & Wisam duo - Italian concert tour

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"...The music becomes a carrier of a positive energy flow, overcoming human hatred and mischief [...] becoming a stream of different ideas that move together, listen one another, knowing to alternate between themselves, never overlapping or interfering one over another..." ARTSLIFE (Magazine) 09/07/2012

Me and my friend, Palestinian composer and oud master Wisam Gibran are trying to create in our duo a new creative approach to the sonic world inspired by the middle east traditions and cultures. The Italian 2012 tour included performances at The Milan Museum of 20th century - Museo del Novecento, opening concert of Villa Faraldi Festival, Imperia and In the Mediaeval square of Biella Piazzo in Piedmont.

for more info go to Yuval & Wisam web site

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