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13/11/2013 Noise for SYD - icon/sonic concert in tribute to Syd Barrett

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Noise for Syd

Noise for Syd, dedicated to the memory of Syd Barrettt, is my tribute to freedom of sound & expression, to the noise of electric guitars shouting with feedbacks on stage, a tribute to an era of fantasy, ecstasy & creativity. Creating a new visual & sonic ensemble for this project, Noise for Syd is not a cover concert or an exploration of Barrett's music (on the contrary there won't be performed even one piece of him during the concert). It is a commemoration of the legacy of Barrett toward exploration, toward experimentation, and a sonic/visual tale of raise & fall of an extraordinary powerful yet extremely vulnerable human being, who marked the story of the 20th century music.

Syd Barrett, best remembered as the founder of Pink Floyd was a leading figure in the psychedelic underground of London in the sixties. He was true experimental musician, using extensively feedbacks, distortions and dissonances in extremely long concerts of the band in the UFO club, much before it gained its fame. The entry to the "star system" of the music industry with the addition of heavy use of hallucinative drugs had crushed him as an artist, and in the last 20 years of his life, Barrett lived in Cambridge in a chosen exile from the musical world.

In this concert I will perform my electric guitar, together with Riccardo Sinigaglia (vintage synths & keyboards + live electronics), Giovanni Cospito (electric bass + live electronics), Eros Sabbatani (Contrabass tuba), Paolo De Gaspari (bass clarinet), Simone Beneventi (percussions), Lorenzo Colombo (drums) & with the artist Matteo Guarnaccia (visuals, stage design, projections, body painting).


You can preview download the score of this work in this link. You can also watch a preview clip in youtube in this link.

Noise for SYD Sonic & Visual concert in tribute to Syd Barrett, in the 7th anniversary of his death. "Festival Aperto", Reggio Emila, Italy November 13, 2013. Read more in this link.

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