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21/02/2013 KARAGATAN for 100 traditional gong and bamboo musicians & 2 conductors in the Philippines

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karagatan21/02/2013 Philippines : 100 Southeast Asian musicians of gong and bamboo instruments recreate the sounds of the ocean in Avital's score KARAGATAN in the memory of the Bopha typhoon victims.

For the first time in the history of music, the town of Dipolog City, on the Island of Mindanao (in the Philippines) will host an extraordinary cultural event, this February - an international festival dedicated entirely to the millenary tradition of gong & Bamboo instruments.

It will host more than 150 traditional musicians from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South-Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam.

The uniqueness of the Tunog-Tugan ('sounds & playing' in Tagalog) festival is the blending of one of the most ancient musical heritages of the planet (gong & bamboo), with innovative contemporary creativity.

 Yuval Avital, has been commissioned to compose a contemporary score for all the participants. "A remarkable and exciting opportunity" according to Avital whose concert, “Karagatan” ('ocean', in Tagalog) will premiere on the closing day of the festival, i.e., February 21st 2013. 

It is a 40-minute musical journey in the memory of the Bopha Typhoon victims of Mindanao, where performers, led by 2 outstanding conductors - former IMC (international Music Council UNESCO) vice president Dr. Ramon Santos and composer & conductor Chino Toledo - surround the audience with an innovative soundscape.

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KARAGATAN by Yuval Avital: a symphony of gong & bamboo