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21/10/2012 Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded

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Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded are two new compositions of Yuval Avital that bridges between science and art, translating astronomic objects and the energy in the cosmic space into sounds, compositional structure and music.

World premiere of the first version of these compositions are a commission of Bergamo Science Festival, and will be premiered in October 2012.

The compositions are different by nature : Spaces Unfolded is a sound installation based on an artificial intelligence system, while Unfolding Space is a multimedia concerto for electric & classic guitars, images and sound translations of the cosmic space.

Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded were created thanks to the unique collaboration of Avital with planetologist and NASA - ESA coordinator Marcello Corradini , astrophysicist Pilippe Zarka from the Observatory of Paris, astrophysicist Alexander G. Kosovichev from Stanford University (and collaborator of SOHO NASA/ESA & SDO NASA) and Giovanni Cospito, professor of live electronics from the Conservatoire of Milan.

Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded are a starting point of a wider work-in-progress, in which Avital and his collaborators intend to create a much larger multimedia project for an orchestral formation, based on latest cosmic research and astronomical observations.

For more info about this work go to Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded web page

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