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studying REKA & eating Ushpalo with Sofia Kaikov Featured

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Sofia & Jasek Kaikov are a little confused in the beginning when they view Sofia's score. Little by little we get to work. A lot of things connected to the Bukharian tradition, many new things that we need to find. But at the same time I am not only a composer working with a soloist on a score but also a guest. And aguest in the Bukharian tradition needs to eat - and to eat a lot !

Even though I come from Milan, Sofia treats me as if I haven't eaten for 2 years - and for the first time I try the magical Bukharian "Ushpilau" (rice with carrots & meat that you eat strictly with hands). At the same time, we choose an amazing exile song for an important section in the opera. There is such an beautiful connection between emotion, life and art in this culture. So, great music & Great food. Sometimes my life is really quite nice !


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