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The Queen of extended vocal techniques

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If you never heard the voice of Sainkho Namtchylak I envy you, since you are going to have a unique musical experience - of wonder and beauty. I know Sainkho since 2009, when I invited her to my Trialogo festival in 2009 (link). Since then we have become good friends.


In her home in Vienna we look together at her score which is a kind of an ultimate challenge of an extended vocal techniques master. I can count with my fingers of my two hands (maybe of one hand even) the soloists I know of that could hold the challenge of her part.

Sainkho is going to be the first soloist in REKA, and will need to navigate between extremes of the human voice, to create sounds, rhythms and chants, using almost every possible method of vocal production.

What a lucky composer I am to have such a great artist on board !


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