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Sofia Kaikov - voice of Bukhara

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I first met Sofia and her husband Yatzek when we collaborated on my opera KOLOT in 2008 (for the curious ones, you can check it out on : Bukharian Jews are fantastic. Their food is great, their clothings are great, their stories are great - and Sofia & Yatzek are my favorite Bukharians in the world ! during the years, each time I came to Tel-Aviv I tried to jump for a coffee at Sofia's house. Each time the coffee had transformed to a fantastic dinner. Sofia is a great singer, and a daughter of a great singer.

Her late mother, Barno Iskhakova (Барно Исхакова) was a national artist and the first woman to sing this unique vocal tradition in the 20th century. She is considered as one of the most important singers of the Shash-maqam modal  music of Central Asia in the 20th century. She had passed away some years ago, and many people in the Bukharian community see Sofia as her successor.

When Sofia sings to me, she usually uses a tableware - an eating plate. For REKA I ask her if she can use the frame drum, and after a small hesitation she agree. Here is a photo of Sofia playing a frame drum for the first time - and playing it great !


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Barno Iskhakova, mother of Sofia Kaikov, sing shash-maqam
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